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The home of almost every song Ronnie has ever sung.  

Ronnie assembled them.  You pick your favorites. Make your list and place your order.  Ronnie Dove will then take your request list, burn your customized and personally autographed CD, and mail it to you. 

Ronnie Dove touches everyone he meets...not only as a performer with his vocal and musical talent, but also with his charm, grace, and humility that are scarcely found in performers of this decade or those past.  This website is designed by Ronnie for his fans, so that he may fulfill the requests of many and continue to add his personal touch to all his work as well as maintain contact with his fans, who he proudly calls friends. 

Give a listen, make your request list, mail it in, and receive your personalized gift from Ronnie, a keepsake you will treasure.

From Ronnie's hands to yours.  With love.

Ronnie & his beautiful wife, Marty.

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