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Ronnie Dove has two DVDs available for sale!

Ronnie's Time Capsule DVD spotlights live and rare performances by Ronnie from the 1960's to today, including appearances on American Bandstand with Dick Clark, The Ed Sullivan Show, Nashville Now, and others, and also includes Ronnie's music video for Save The Bay!

The Ronnie Dove Show DVD features the only two known surviving episodes of Ronnie Dove's own TV show from late 1966 / early 1967, with special guests Bobbi Martin as well as Charlie Thomas and The Drifters! These two shows were recently discovered, as all 13 episodes of the show were thought to be lost forever. As a special added bonus, there are also recently discovered music videos for two more songs by Ronnie, One More Mountain To Climb and Tomboy, from 1967 and 1968 respectively, which serve as a nice added bonus to the DVD.

You can order either or both DVDs using the order form button on the left hand of the screen!