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Songs 26 Through 50:

26. I Believed In You

27. Let Me Stay Today

28. Baby, Put Your Arms Around Me

29. Keep It A Secret

30. No Greater Love (Diamond Records Version)

31. Bluebird

32. If I Live To Be A Hundred

33. I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You)

34. Where In The World

35. I'm Learning How To Smile Again

36. That Empty Feeling

37. Long After

38. Years Of Tears

39. Autumn Rhapsody

40. All

41. Put My Mind At Ease

42. I Thank You For Your Love

43. Back From Baltimore

44. Livin' For Your Lovin' (Diamond Records Version)

45. Never Gonna Cry (The Way I'll Cry Tonight)

46. Tell Me Tomorrow

47. Old Time Rock 'N Roll

48. My World Of Memories (Diamond Records Version)

49. Party Doll (With The Beltones)

50. No Greater Love (With The Beltones – Jalo Records Version)