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Songs 151 Through 175:

151. Let Me Down Easy 

152. Patty's Song 

153. Loving On Back Streets  

154. If It's A Question of Love (The Answer Is Yes)  

155. What's Wrong With My World  

156. In Some Time  

157. Tell Me Tomorrow  

158. You Light Up My World (New Version)  

159. Love Won't Work  

160. If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me (New Version)  

161. California Cowboy  

162. Guns  

163. Sunny  

164. So Long Dixie  

165. Carry Me Back  

166. No One Ever Lost More 

167. You Touch Me Inside (Original Version)  

168. You Needed Me  

169. Always On My Mind   
170. Betty Jean (New version with Ronnie Dove Jr.)  

171. Tell Me What It's Like  

172. He Stopped Loving Her Today  

173. Your Back Yard (With Ronnie Dove Jr.)  

174. Hello Darlin'  

175. That's All Right (Mama)