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Songs 126 Through 150:

126. Angel In Your Eyes (Brings Out The Devil In Me) (MC Records LP Version)

127. Someone Loves You, Honey (MC Records LP Version)

128. You're The Reason I'm Living (MC Records LP Version)

129. You Win Again

130. With Pen In Hand

131. Cryin' Time

132. Tomboy (Recorded for Hitsville)

133. Shout (Recorded for Hitsville)

134. Long Enough To Say Goodbye (MC Records LP Version)

135. Angel In Your Eyes (Brings Out The Devil In Me) (MC Records 45 Version)

136. I Don't Hurt Anymore

137. She Feels So Right (Hobby Records version)

138. Lovin' On Backstreets

139. Lucille Stubs (Hobby Records Version)

140. Slowly

141. A Short Walk From Heaven

142. Livin' For Your Lovin' (Hobby Records Version)

143. Taking The Easy Way Out

144. Sunny (1975 Version recorded for Melodyland)

145. Talking To My Childrens Mama (1975 Version recorded for Melodyland)

146. Just Call My Name (NCA 45 Version)

147. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Gallery II 45 Version)

148. Long Enough To Say Goodbye (1988 Diamond Records Version)

149. Just Out Of Reach

150. Wings Of A Dove