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Songs 76 Through 100:

76. The Little White Cloud That Cried

77. I Can't Stop Loving You

78. Wheel Of Fortune

79. I Won't Cry Anymore

80. Add Love

81. That's My Desire

82. You Made Me Love You

83. The Wedding Song

84. A Million Drums (Unreleased Diamond Recording)

85. My Special Angel (Unreleased Diamond Recording)

86. Ruby Baby (Unreleased Diamond Recording)

87. If You'll Come Back To Me (Unreleased Diamond Recording)

88. No One Ever Lost More

89. Sunny (Recorded for Certron)

90. Talking To My Children's Mama (Recorded for Certron)

91. You Light Up My World (Unreleased Certron Recording)

92. Nobody But You (Unreleased Certron Recording)

93. Proud Mary (Unreleased Certron Recording)

94. 900 Ties (Unreleased Certron Recording)

95. Go Lightly (Unreleased Certron Recording)

96. My Special Angel (Unreleased Certron Recording)

97. If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me (Decca Records Version)

98. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere

99. Kiss The Hurt Away

100. He Cries Like A Baby