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Songs 76 Through 100:

76. Back From Baltimore  

77. My World Of Memories  

78. If You'll Come Back To Me  

79. God Bless America Again  

80. The Red Hat Ladies  

81. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya  

82. Lucille Stubs (New Version)

83. Unchained Melody  

84. I Will Always Love You  

85. Hold Me, Thrill Me  

86. The Tips of My Fingers  

87. You Touch Me Inside (New Version with Annie B.)  

88. You Gave Me A Mountain  

89. On A Slow Boat To China  

90. How I Wish The Nights Were Longer  

91. All  

92. Sweeter Than Sugar  

93. I Need You Now  

94. Take Me Back  

95. With Pen In Hand  

96. Old Time Rock & Roll  

97. Green Green Grass Of Home  

98. You Made Me Love You  

99. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)

100. Closest of Friends