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Songs 51 Through 75:
51. Lover Boy (With The Bell-Tones)

52. Gotta Get Her Back

53. There's No One Out There For Me

54. To Each His Own

55. I'll String Along With You

56. She Only Makes Me Love You More

57. All Of Me

58. If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me (Diamond Records Version)

59. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)

60. It's Almost Tomorrow

61. Wish I Didn't Have A Heart

62. I Have Something To Give You

63. In A Million Different Ways

64. The Minute You're Gone

65. I Think It's Gonna Rain

66. They Can't Love Like You And Me

67. How I Wish The Nights Were Longer

68. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)

69. On A Slow Boat To China

70. I Found You (Just In Time)

71. I'm The One Who Taught You How

72. Almost In Paradise

73. Walkin' My Baby Back Home

74. Tell The Lady I Said Good-Bye

75. It's The Talk Of The Town