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Songs 101 Through 125:

101. Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast  

102. It's The Talk Of The Town  

103. Never Fall In Love Again  

104. Tomboy (Second version) 

105. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)

106. An American Trilogy  

107. Somebody To Love (Live at the Club Venus - 1966)  

108. Honey (Live at the King Of The Road - 1970)  

109. Cry (Live at the King Of The Road - 1970)  

110. Kiss Away (Live at the King Of The Road - 1970)  

111. My Special Angel (New Version) 

112. Long Tall Sally (New Version) 

113. Funny How Time Slips Away  

114. You Don't Know Me  

115. All In The Game  

116. A Wonderful World   

117. She Only Makes Me Love You More  

118. I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You) 

119. If I Live To Be A Hundred  

120. Where In The World  

121. It's Almost Tomorrow  

122. I Have Something To Give You  

123. In A Million Different Ways   

124. The Minute You're Gone  

125. I Think It's Gonna Rain